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Be a producer not a consumer.

The benefit of starting each day with a producer mindset rather than a consumer mindset.

How many of your mornings start like this? You wake up, roll over, and pick up your smartphone before even setting a foot out of bed. Within minutes you are scrolling through social media, emails, messages and other notifications, even contemplating another online purchase due to a ‘special offer’ which has already drawn you in.

Before you know it, a chunk of your morning is gone, and you haven’t taken care of anything you wanted to do yet—you’ve simply reacted to messages that other people sent and let their priorities become your own. Meanwhile, you’ve lost that precious window of quiet time for focus and contemplation, launching yourself into a day of feeding on mindless consumption.

What’s happened here is becoming increasingly common, as our various devices claim the best of our attention. You’ve been lured into starting your day as a consumer of information rather than a producer of it.

This consumer mindset results in you not directing anything that is personally or professionally meaningful, rather you aimlessly find yourself picking up and getting sucked into to random threads of information that have been sent your way. You become side tracked by the latest shiny product or person who is demanding your attention the loudest, rather than spending time focusing on your well thought out goals. This random consumption of various media means that the information you find yourself digesting is not targeted and therefore, is not helping you to produce something of value to you or your work.

Producer Mindset

A more intentional way to structuring your mornings for productivity could be key.

Commit to setting your own agenda first thing in the morning and limit outside influences which will steer your course in the wrong direction.

Think about what your most important and productive goals and tasks are and then tackle those first, before giving in to the temptations of a mindless consumer mode and checking email, alerts, voicemails and tweets.

Starting your day as a producer means that your information consumption has meaning: the rest of the day means consuming information that is relevant to what it is that you're producing. Waking up as a producer frames the rest of your habits. Instead of mindlessly taking in information from everyone’s Facebook statuses, you will be seeking the information and experiences for what it is you need in order to produce.

Being a producer not just a consumer can be valuable advice in general, not just as more intentional way to start your day. Our friends over at talk about this, along with other great quick fixes that can boost your levels of contentment.

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